Semi Loses Control On Mountain Highway, Hits Runaway Truck Ramp In Nick Of Time


    An 18-wheeler’s brakes gave out at the worst possible moment on a mountain highway in Denver recently. But what could have become a deadly incident was averted when the truck driver used a runaway truck ramp just in time. The frightening accident was caught on a now viral video by driver Jesse Terrell, who noticed the smoke coming from the semi and realized something was terribly wrong.

    Terrell had just exited the Eisenhower Tunnel on the I-70 towards Silverthorne, Colorado when he saw the smoke and realized the truck’s brakes were burning up. The semi was gaining speed as it entered a steep grade and Terrell said that the truck had already passed one of two runaway ramps.

    Terrell told ViralHog, “I could see clearly that his right signal was on and the second of two runaway truck ramps was just ahead. I muttered to myself, ‘I really hope the driver takes this ramp.’”

    Thankfully, the trucker did. In the video, the semi can be seen careening down the hill before veering off and onto the ramp. The truck must have been going very fast as it nearly reached the very top of the ramp!

    Terrell said he had just witnessed a similar incident just the day before on the same highway, but in that instance he says the accident cost lives. “I am incredibly thankful that this trucker had the wherewithal to utilize a runaway ramp for its intended purpose as this definitely saved lives unlike the tragic events from the day before where lives were lost,” said Terrell.

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