Rescue Puppy Born With The Cutest Handlebar Mustache Goes Viral On Social Media


A shepherd mix mother and her 11 newborn puppies were found as strays on the streets by good residents in Texas. Thankfully, some staffers at Dallas Animal Services shelter took them in, nursed and helped them find a good home.

However, when the family arrived at the shelter, the staffs noticed there was something different about this litter. A 5-week-old pup named Salvadore Dolly was born with a handlebar mustache on her face. She was named after Spanish painter Salvador Dali, who also had a notable mustache.

Hearts & Bones Rescue posted photos of the family to their Instagram account to help them find kind owners. After the picture was shared, many viewers have showed an interest in fostering or adopting the little girl with the very distinct marking on her face.

Because puppy are at very high risk for getting sick in the shelter environment, shelter staffers had to find a new foster home for them. Luckily, the shelter was able to find an incredible foster in Dallas who took the entire family in.

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