Orphaned Rescue Kitten Starts Drinking From Bottle. Her Ears Do Something SO Cool.


    Trying to feed an orphaned kitty can be tough. Part of the kitten is surely missing his or her mommy, and you’re trying to help it battle past its loneliness while activating its survival instincts. Sadly, there are ones that pass no matter what you do, but there are others that the spark of life keeps it going, no matter what. One of the best examples is the kitten that’s front and center in this video.

    We see a woman holding Polly, a kitten that’s swaddled in a blanket to keep her warm. She was rescued in San Luis Obispo, California. She’s two weeks old at the time of the video and desperately needs warmth and sustenance to stay alive. It’s times like this that can be touch-and-go for these kittens. Fortunately, she’s in very good hands, literally, as the woman holding her does her best to keep her alive.

    Polly is a thirsty kitten. She greedily guzzles down what’s in the bottle the whole time the camera is on her. Hey, can you blame her? She needs all the nourishment she can get to get herself healthy without her mommy’s milk. This is literally her best chance of survival and she’s a plucky enough sort to make it. The best part is that her ears start wiggling after a few seconds of drinking from the bottle.

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