Nigerian Boy Who Almost Starved to Death Now Thrives in School Just One Year Later


    on January 30, 2016, a Danish aid worker named Anja Ringgren Loven came across a harrowing sight on the streets of Nigeria. There, the DINNødhjælp founder discovered a young boy named Hope in a dire situation—the starving child was certainly on the edge of death. Abandoned by his parents, the 2-year-old was emaciated after fending for himself for eight months; a fact captured in one heartbreaking photograph. In it, Loven is bending down to give him water from a bottle. After that scene, she wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the nearest hospital.

    The road to recovery involved extensive medical treatments, but thanks to generous donations from people around the world—more than one million dollars—Hope has since made an amazing recovery. Eight weeks after being found, he had gained weight and was smiling, making him nearly unrecognizable from the same boy just two months prior.

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