International flights for horses aren’t any simple feats – here’s why

When elite equine athletes head to competitions, they often have to get on a plane to do so. Horses which compete internationally, such as the horses which attended the Olympics, actually get quite used to travel, whether it’s by horse trailer or by plane.

While it’s fairly easy to load your horse up on a trailer and head off to a local horse show, plane travel adds another level of logistics. As depicted in this video, horses not only must be loaded onto the plane, but they also have to be transported to the airport itself. This often involves long trailer rides, time in an observation facility, the verification of equine passports and health certificates, and more before the horses even get to the plane.

Clearly, managing a top competition horse is no small feat, and that’s why these horses are provided with grooms which see to their every need. Grooms know these horses better than anyone, and they know how to keep them both calm and healthy during the increased stress that plane travel brings.
According to “Keeping Horses Healthy While Traveling,” by Cynthia McFarland, horses can be subjected to any number of physical issues while traveling – even if no plane travel is involved. It’s possible for your horse to contract the flu, a cold, or even shipping fever during transportation, but there are also some important steps you can take to keep your horse healthy.

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