Geese show alligator he is not welcome on their golf course


    When you take into consideration that alligators have no interest in playing golf, they sure have a very strong fascination with golf courses.

    Whereas golfers steered clear of the monster gator strolling on the green, a family of geese took it upon themselves to literally quack the big gator off the golf course on the ninth hole during a charity golf tournament in South Florida, for Christie’s Critters, a nonprofit that works with pet rescue agencies.

    The unusual sight was captured by Ryan Witkowski, who was playing in the tournament and was driving towards the hole when he noticed the geese not only chasing after, but also honking, at the alligator.

    «Look at this! Oh my god! (Hole) number nine! PGA National!» says an incredulous Witkowski in the video.

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