Corgi’s reaction to a puppy fart is simply too funny for words

Dogs really are one of the funniest animals that we’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. They are mostly friendly and they just love to meet new people whenever they can. They can also be a handful when they set their minds on something…

This little puppy is no exception. Check out Lacie as an example of this. The little adorable puppy in the video below is also an obnoxious nutball. The newest member of the family in the clip, she may just be a little tiny bit spoiled.

Mac, her big brother wants to get to know his little sister, but she has other ideas. Lacie has no trouble showing that she fully intends to be the new boss, and she goes about showing it with just a little bit too much-misplaced energy. Watch as the tension ends and then get ready to see what Lacie does to Mac in the end!

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