2 Horses Are Trapped In A Wildfire. But Keep Your Eyes On The Big White Pickup Truck…


Wildfires are uncontrolled outdoor fires that cause an incredible amount of damage. Wildfires are more common in areas that have enough moisture to grow vegetation, but also have extended hot, dry periods. According to wikipedia.com, the cost to control a single wildfire can exceed $1 million in only a few days! A massive fire swept through Squirrel Valley in Lake Isabella, CA recently. The fire quickly became uncontrollable due to high winds.

Approximately 200 homes were damaged, and most of the area was left in ruins. People and animals in the area were helpless. Two horses were spotted roaming in the area and were rescued by two drivers. The horses were understandably reluctant at first, but eventually, they allowed the people to help them. The footage was recorded on a dashboard cam. Watch the video below to see the heroic act!

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